Public Procurement Indicators 2015 – DG GROW G4 – Innovative and e-Procurement December 19, 2016

    This document provides various indicators describing the public procurement market in the European Union and its member states in 2015. The results are presented along with the indicators for the previous three years to illustrate the evolution on the market. The main results are the following:

    1. The estimated value of tenders published in TED (including utilities and defence) amounts to 450.21 billion euros, 6.9% more than in 2014. Excluding utilities and defence, there is an increase of 9.2%, from 319.66 in 2014 to 349.18 billion in 2015. The value of procurement published in TED, including utilities and defence, has notably increased in Estonia (27%), Denmark (25%), Slovenia (24%), Malta (23%), Ireland (20%) and the Netherlands (21%). Excluding utilities and defence, significant increases were in Romania (33%), Estonia (31%), Slovenia (24%), UK (23%) and Malta (21%).

    2. The estimate of total general government expenditures on works, goods and services (TGGPPE), excluding utilities, was 2015.3 billion euros in 2015, 4.2% higher than in 2014, continuing the increased trend of recent years. Almost all EU member states increased their TGGPPE expenditure, except for Cyprus (stable) and Croatia (-5%). Certain countries like Greece, Spain and Italy seem to break in 2015 with the decreasing trend of previous years and this year no EU country had a continuous decrease of this expenditure in the last 4 years. The estimated TGGPPE, excluding utilities and defence, represented 13.1% of the EU GDP in 2015, the highest value for the last 4 years.

    3. Publication rate in terms of GDP (gross domestic product), excluding utilities and defence, has again slightly decreased from 2014 to 2015. Among the member states with the lowest publication rates in 2014, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands have increased their publication rates, while Portugal, Spain, Greece, Austria, Luxembourg, Cyprus and Ireland have maintained or lowered their respective rates. The same conclusion is valid in terms of GDP including utilities and defence, except for Portugal which increased its publication rate.

    4. Portugal and Bulgaria have remarkably increased in 2015 the number of notices of small value from an already high level, with Malta and Latvia having the largest increase. Notable rises where also present in the U.K., Finland, Slovakia, Austria, France, Ireland and Czech Republic, suggesting that voluntary publication of below thresholds procurement may have become more prominent in those countries.

    5. As in 2014, the concentration of procurement in large notices remains outstanding in the UK, particularly in the procurement of services, where the UK alone accounts for (70%) of the total value procured at EU level in awards of more than 100 million euros and in works, where UK accounts for (66%). Other member states such as France (works, services), Poland (works), Italy (goods) and the Netherlands (services), also show a high level for this indicator. Among the larger member states only Italy and France displays a clear pattern of concentration, although to a lower extent than the UK.

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