Good and efficient national implementation and application of Single Market rules is crucial if the full potential of the Single Market is to be reaped. The reports provided by various governance tools show how the Members States are performing, where achievements could be registered and where progress still has to be made.

    The indicators set out below reflect how the different EU countries are performing in key aspects of public procurement. While the indicators offer a simplified picture, they nevertheless show basic aspects of countries’ procurement markets. All indicators are based on notices published in the Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) database under the general, sectoral, and defence procurement directives.

    The thresholds have been set on the basis of two factors:
    • qualitative policy judgment on what is good practice
    • recent data for individual countries.
    • Green – under 60 days
    • Yellow – between 60 and 100 days
    • Red – more than 100 days

    [1] One Bidder≤10%> 20%
    [2] No calls for Bids≤ 5%≥ 10%
    [3] Aggregation≥10%< 10%
    [4] Award Criteria< 80%≥ 80%
    [5] Decision Speed< 120 days≥ 120 days
    [6] Reporting Quality≤ 3%> 3%

    – Download pdf document: UE. 2015-09-scoreboard-public-procurement_en