Published on 8 June 2022

    The European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) in Lithuania is leading a pre-trial investigation into the possible lack of transparency in an EU-funded public procurement for street lighting in the municipality of Šiauliai. The investigation is carried out by the Special Investigation Service (STT).

    The director of a private company, as a member of the public procurement committee organised by the municipality of Šiauliai, is suspected of having created exclusive conditions for another private company participating in the tender for the installation of street lighting. Evidence suggests that the suspect may have enabled the company to win a public procurement contract worth around €1.6 million funded by the European Union.

    Until today, notifications of suspicion have been served to two persons. The director of the private company and member of the public procurement committee has been served with the notification of suspicion notices for abuse of office, while the representative of the company that participated in the tender procedure has been served with the notifications of suspicion for incitement to commit abuse of office.

    Planned procedural actions were carried out this week, including searches at Šiauliai Municipality, at the suspects’ homes and workplaces.

    This pre-trial investigation is being carried out by officers of the Central Investigation Board and Šiauliai Board of the Special Investigation Service.